Jan 282012

It doesn’t officially start until later this year (September, in our case), but registration is occurring now, so Andy and I had to make the decision this month about where Henry and Eleanor will attend kindergarten. After hemming and hawing (township school = FREE! current school = LOVE LOVE LOVE!) we chose to keep the kids at the co-op for one more year. A great decision, but Andy and I joked that first grade will be the bigger deal, since the big change for kindergarten will just be going to school upstairs instead of downstairs.

But then I sat down Friday morning to start filling out registration paperwork. I went to write the word “kindergarten” and it suddenly hit me like a tons of bricks that HOLY SHIT MY KIDS ARE GOING TO KINDERGARTEN. Yep, burst into tears right there at the kitchen table.

(What, you mean YOU don’t text photos of yourself crying to your spouse so that he/she can share in your sorrow over fleeting childhood?)

Everyone tells you it goes by fast and I’ve said before on this blog about how it goes by fast but MAN it goes by so fast. Their newborn days seem so long ago but also like it was just yesterday, know what I mean? Henry and Eleanor are so curious and creative and I love seeing them master new things and grow and become people I love to hang out with. But I’ll look at them this week and suddenly my brain gets all-caps screamy KINDERGARTEN KINDERGARTEN KINDERGARTEN and then short-circuits trying to comprehend that my little kids won’t be so little for very much longer.

This “let them grow up and leave” thing is the hardest part of parenting for me. I won’t be a helicopter parent in the sense that I think Henry and Eleanor need to learn to deal with mistakes and rejection and all the yucky stuff that can happen in adulthood (we’re definitely not an “every kid gets a trophy” kind of family). But I can absolutely 100% guarantee that in thirteen years Henry and Eleanor will be at college, slowly shuffling down the Quad while I cling to their legs shrieking “MAH BAAAAAYBEEEEES.”

Luckily I have seven months to get my act together, but in the meantime, pass me that box of Kleenex, please.

  6 Responses to “KINDERGARTEN!!!!1!!ZOMG”

  1. Awww! I have some friends that started Kindergarten with their kids this year and it was rough for them- As someone who doesn’t have kids (yet), I always wonder if I will be able to handle the “let them go” part. It’s such a fine line between “being a helicopter” and letting them go! GAH!

  2. Oh wow!! While I don’t take pictures of myself crying, I totally feel your pain. I was Ok with kindergarten. I was NOT OKAY WITH FIRST GRADE (1st grade = new school).

  3. Kindergarten? Try graduating: one from high school and one from college in the space of two weeks.Tears will be flowing in May. Where has the time gone, and what happened to my babies? Anyway, enjoy your time, and remember, they will always be your babies. (Just ask MY babies, I mean young men.)

    • I already tell them all the time that they’ll always be my babies. (And how are your babies so grown up all of a sudden, when in my head they’re little kids at my wedding?)

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