Feb 282012

I attended my very first blogging conference this past weekend. And since I know how fun it is for you to hear about trips that you yourself did not go on, I’m going to tell you all about it. So, what did I do at Blissdom?

I stared very intently at things.

(photo by Nancy Doud)

I found a new boyfriend named Joe Jonas.

I purchased a lovely souvenir, a gorgeous little watercolor by Suzanne McDermott.

I breathed a “MY PEOPLE” sigh of relief at the sight of hundreds of glowing iPhone and iPad and laptop screens at the opening keynote.

I stared intently at more things.

(photo by janalynn1)

I watched hundreds of mombloggers kinda lose their shit a little when Rascal Flatts played their “Life Is A Highway” cover from Cars.

I went to a Facebook session, and even though it makes me nervous to ask people to publicly declare they enjoy me rambling about my uterus and Diet Coke, I got inspired to set up a brand-new Facebook page. Go like me if you wanna, pretty please?

I discovered that corporations like to give bloggers free stuff. Bags and bags and bags of swag.

I was disappointed that Emily‘s baby Paul was not included in my swag.

I didn’t get my fancypants camera out of its bag until I snapped a few photos on the way out of the hotel.

I went to Me Ra Koh‘s photography session, where she totally made me cry but also inspired me to come home and keep shooting, that my style is legitimate and artistic.

I had fun getting one-on-one time with my friend Kim and finding instant friends in other twin moms.

(the part of Other Twins Moms is played in this photo by the Lorax)

I learned that red wine gives me headaches.

I liked hanging out with the Indy Geek Girls so much I sang John Mellencamp karaoke.

I realized that I really do have a passion for all this computer/blogging/internet/social media stuff, and promised myself I would make more time for it this year.

I came home and announced to my husband that Blissdom 2013 is already on my calendar.

  25 Responses to “Blissdom: What I Did”

  1. little mr. paul misses you already! So fun to hang out with you, and totally dumb that we have to travel states to spend time together…

    • Oh, you have no idea how badly I wanted to sneak that little cutie home in my suitcase! And yeah, it is dumb I had to go to Tennessee to see all you kick-ass Indy girls. A situation that needs to be rectified!

  2. and you’ve nailed your “deep thinking” pose… :)

    • I know! I laughed so hard going through the Blissdom Flickr feed. All these photos of ladies laughing and having fun…and I’m just staring.

      Perhaps I need to start a “Deep Thoughts with Flesworthy” section on this blog.

  3. Loved you post. I too was disappointed that baby Paul wasn’t included in our swag. Great job on the post!

  4. I loved it, too :) (and just liked your brand, spanking new Facebook page!)

  5. I love your photos! And the Lorax! I swear, I have seen twenty previews since Blissdom!

  6. The first thing I said to my husband was I’m going to Blissdom 2013! :) It was so fun, and relaxed, and peaceful, and entertaining, and educational, and a work out as we walked 50 acres for all those days! It was bliss in all forms.

    I found your facebook page. :)

    Shannon J-M

  7. When you say bags and bags of swag, you really mean bags and bags that are swag, right? I swear, I have more bags than some boutiques right now!

    Loved your post and liked you on FB.

    • Oh, totally! I was so happy I drove instead of flew. My husband has a confused “DUDE. WHOA.” look on his face when I started carrying in all my Blissdom stuff. He was unaware of the corporation blogger-love!

  8. “I came home and announced to my husband that Blissdom 2013 is already on my calendar”

    Best reaction! That’s what I do every year :-)

    Me Ra’s photography session was SO powerful and wonderful and I LOVED hearing and it sinking in that it’s okay for me to be unique and have my own perspective and voice.

    • I couldn’t agree more about Me Ra’s session. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head after hearing her speak…I need to get out the camera and start shooting! Although considering my suitcase from Blissdom is still sitting unpacked, my camera might have to wait another day or two :)

  9. Without sounding too much like a fan girl, I do want to say KEEP BLOGGING. I love your voice and your photos tell such a great story. You make even photos of you staring at something funny. Being a long time blog reader, you can tell when someone is writing and trying to gain readership and network, and you can tell who is using their voice. You fall in the later and it is awesome.

    Done with fangirl.

    Green with envy over Me Ra Koh. It’s my big Mondo dream to be at her level!

    • Would it be weird and creepy if I printed out your comment and taped it to my computer? Your kind words just made my whole month (and yes I’m aware that it’s only March 1 :) ).

      And I can’t blame you for your Me Ra Mondo dream. I have such a huge girl crush on her now!

  10. I stared intently at things too! Too bad I don’t have photos to prove it! :) And I laughed out loud at the baby in the swag! :)

  11. Out of all the conferences offered, I always hear the most awesome things about Blissdom. Sounds like it should be on my list of things to do in 2013 as well! Glad you had fun :)

  12. It was so great to hang with you at Blissdom! LOVING your blog and can’t wait to follow along!

  13. It was so great meeting you! Funny post, too! 😉

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