Mar 062012

Well, Henry’s tae kwon do career lasted three classes.

After being shy in his first two classes, with numerous “run over to Mom” moments, he basically flat-out refused to participate in class yesterday. First he was shy around the teacher’s assistant, and freaked out over an offer to tie his belt. Then he freaked out that he didn’t have on his belt. Then he freaked out when the nice mom next to us offered to tie it for him. Then he freaked out when I explained that I didn’t know how to tie belts yet, but I’d hold it for him until his teacher made his way over to our side of the room. Then he freaked out when I told him he had to stop freaking out, that he wasn’t allowed to disrupt the other students who were participating. After close to thirty minutes of trying to coax him into participating, I scooped him up and carried him out of class, while he threw a tantrum over being scooped up and carried out of class.

I explained to him that he had been to three classes now and had trouble participating in each of them, so we were done with tae kwon do for now. At first he cried about it, but after a while was just like, “okay, whatever.” Based on his behavior and comments outside of class, I believe he does still have an interest in learning the sport. But I think going by himself into a group of kids who were mostly all bigger than him and knew what they were doing was just too overwhelming for him. I’m going to check into a class at a different Y branch that might be at a slower pace, with younger kids (he’d probably be one of the older ones), which might be more up his alley for his first all-by-himself activity. So the cute uniform is put away for now, but hopefully not for good. And we were able to get him a spot in Eleanor’s gymnastics class, so he’ll still get to have an activity for the next few months.

Speaking of gymnastics, Eleanor had her first class, along with ballet, on Saturday. Can you say, “head-exploding-ly cute?” She was gung-ho to get started, and did great. No apprehension on doing the class without Henry, although it probably helped that she had Mom, Dad, and Henry all on the sidelines. The teacher started them off with a small obstacle course, which covered skills like balance, jumping, somersaults, and sticking landings. She breezed through each part. After doing a flip (with help from a spotter) over the bar, as she held herself up perfectly rigid, the teacher even asked Andy, “has she done this before?”

After a short break it was off to ballet, where she continued to shine. She got to wear a princess crown and learn first position and practice a bit at the barre. I loved seeing her face during both classes, when she’d break into her “I’m trying my hardest not to smile but I’m obviously very proud of myself” face. Even better was seeing Andy’s face as he watched his girl; “over the moon” is such a cheesy phrase but Andy is over the moon about Eleanor. Ballet got him a little misty-eyed a couple times.

Eleanor’s never been unabashedly girly. Even with all the new princess stuff that Santa brought her, she’s usually off playing Star Wars with her brother. So I spent Saturday afternoon in amazement, when Eleanor was very excited to go shopping with me to buy her gymnastics/ballet outfit and slippers. She carefully chose her pink skirt and tights, and was eager to try them on for me today. This from a girl who used to refuse to wear skirts unless I lied and told her they were really shorts.

BOOM! *headexplosion*

So overall, this separation thing’s been kind of a mixed bag. On our to-do list: help find Henry a class where he’s more comfortable doing his own thing, and fight the urge to yell “OMGCAN’TSTANDTHECUTENESSGOOOOOOOOELEANOR” at the sight of a curly-headed moppet in slippers and a princess crown.


  7 Responses to “Separate 2: Electric Boogaloo”

  1. THE Sweetness!!!

  2. We’ve had an “interesting” time in TKD also. Their teacher said kids always start out acting completely crazy and then by the 3 month mark, they will be totally into it. They have an awesome teacher though and that makes a HUGE difference.

    That hair width to leg width ratio is EPIC.

    • Yeah, I could see Henry taking a few months and then being really into it. And I love the lessons he had already received in respect and self-discipline. His teacher seems really nice and does a good job interacting with the kids. But I think the make-up of the class was the problem. He was one of the youngest in the room, and a lot of the older kids were yellow belts and knew all the exercises already. I think it was just a little too intimidating for his first activity without his twin.But we’ll definitely give it another try!

      And aren’t her hair & legs out of control? Fingers crossed she keeps those long legs and didn’t inherit my short-and-stumpy-ness.

  3. Have you tried Tot-Kwon-Do at the Fishers Y. It’s for children 3 – 6. It is very simple and fun. The teacher, Master William, is great with the kids and funny. My son loved it but he’s too old now. Also, we got the belt with the velcro at the back that you never have to tie :)
    Eleanor looks adorable!

    • That’s the class I was going to look into, so I’m happy to know you had a good experience with it!

      And thanks for the Eleanor compliment! You’ve seen firsthand how shy she can get about group participation…it was pretty amazing to see her fluttering around ballet class without any hesitation.

      • That’s great to hear! In music, sometimes she’s into it, and sometimes she’s not. I’m sick so there will be no music class tomorrow.

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