Mar 082012

Riding in the van
ELEANOR: I want to listen to girl music!
HENRY: No! I hate girl music! Girl music makes all the ear wax go to my ears. I like to keep my ears clean.


HENRY: Only girls like the color pink. Boys like blue, Stars Wars, and green.


At bedtime
ELEANOR: I’m going to stay awake ALL night, and sleep ALL day tomorrow. ‘Cause I’m nocturnal, Dad.


 Things Eleanor has said in her sleep

(mumble mumble mumble) STAR WARS (mumble mumble mumble) STAR WARS

I need you!



At supper, the family is chatting about their day

HENRY: (playfully taps himself on head) My stupid brain! I want to think about other stuff but all it thinks about is Star Wars!

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  1. THOSE ARE ALL SO FUNNY! :) Thanks for the joyful, giggly start to the day!

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