Mar 122012

Most families document their children’s milestones. And we do, too—we’ve got videos of Henry and Eleanor rolling over, trying solid foods for the first time, even moving up diaper sizes.

Because Andy and I embrace our nerdiness, watching Star Wars with the kids was a milestone pretty much on par with first steps. Seriously, people, five years ago I created a video in iMovie complete with scrolling titles just to show off the Luke/Leia onesies a friend gave them (thanks, Jeremy!). Needless to say, Andy and I have been waiting for this day for a long time.

Henry is currently Star Wars obsessed, so we’ve been discussing when to let him watch the movie. We went back and forth—he’s a little sensitive, and we didn’t want to scare him. I even asked Facebook to weigh in (shameless plug: go like me!), and we received enough responses to make us feel comfortable to finally open the Star Wars floodgates.

On Saturday afternoon, we popped popcorn and headed down to the den for the big first screening. Henry, as expected, was enthralled, asking halfway through if we could watch ALL the Star Wars movies that day. Eleanor declared her boredom a time or two, but despite that she was pretty transfixed herself. I took my nerdiness to a whole new level when I teared up at Henry’s face when the opening credits appeared.

And who is dorky enough to film their kids watching Star Wars for the first time? This mom, thrilled to pass a childhood love on to her children. I had myself a big ol’ “OMG we wanted children so bad and look we had them and they’re here and they love Star Wars and we get to pass this along to them aren’t we so lucky” moment, and it was AWESOME.

  6 Responses to “Two Days Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away”

  1. Love it! Great post. I feel inspired to FINALLY watch Star Wars (never seen it!).
    I watched that early video of the twins as babies in their onezies! I think that’s about how old they were when I met them that day you brought them into church in Marion! :) :) :) :) :) :)

    • My sister hasn’t either! What’s up with you youngsters & your non-viewing of Star Wars? You seriously need to watch it, but keep in mind that Empire Strikes Back is the best out of the whole series.

      And yeah, you’re probably right about their age in the early video. It’s hard to believe they were ever that small!

  2. As a fellow mom and nerd, I admit to tearing up at that last line.

  3. We are such nerds that we had discussions on what scene to start the boys on so that we could GUARANTEE they would love it. We opted for the At At battle scene on Hoth and they were hooked forever.

    • You selected the PERFECT scene! I saw Empire in the theater and remember being all “WHOA. DUDE.” about it…it’s probably the scene that hooked me!

      We decided to go old school & watch them in the order they came out (I was almost super old school, debated dusting off the VCR to watch my copy of the original, not-messed-with-by-Lucas-Han-shot-first version). But Andy & I are fired up to watch Empire with them next, probably this weekend.

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