Mar 142012

pleated poppy
Trying something new today, and linking up to The Pleated Poppy for her What I Wore Wednesday feature. I haven’t showed you what I bought at Goodwill for a few months, but trust me, I’m still at thrift stores any time I can sneak away.

My closet’s been in a sorry state for the past few years, but I’ve slowly built it back up again with my thrift store finds. The downside is I now have heart palpitations when I have to pay more than $10 for a piece of clothing. The upside is my closet is a lot happier.

My thrifting jaunts this past week netted me a new dress, shoes, jeans, and a top, so I put together a few outfits consisting of all-thrifted components. Except for underwear. I DO have standards.

First up, my dress and shoes!

Dress: Fossil (brand new!!), Salvation Army, $5
Jacket: Eddie Bauer, Value World, $6
Leggings: Mossimo (brand new), Goodwill, $2
Purple Leather Purse That Probably Doesn’t Match This Outfit But I Don’t Care Because I LOVE It: brand unknown, Goodwill Outlet, $.69/lb so probably like a quarter?
Shoes: Antonio Melani, Goodwill, $4.50

Top and jeans time!

Top: Josephine, Value World, $6.50
Jeans: Ann Taylor LOFT, Value World, $4.50
Necklace: brand unknown, hometown thrift store, $1
Shoes: Tod’s patent leather driving moccasin, hand-me-downs from my sister, $0 (yes, THAT Tod’s, my sister is a thrift-store goddess)

So in a nutshell, thank you kind people (and stores with unsold merchandise) of Indianapolis, you’ve given me lots of options when I ask myself, “what should I wear today?”

  5 Responses to “What I Wore Wednesday: Thrift Store Edition”

  1. SUPER inspiring to make me want to go thrifting!

    • Thanks! Be warned, it can get quite addicting. I’ve become that annoying person who responds to “oh, cute shirt” comments with “IT WAS ONLY A DOLLAR! WHEEEEE!”

  2. Love all your thrift store finds! That dress is amazing!!! I’m also a thrift shopping gal.

    • Thanks! There was a whole rack of new Fossil clothes at Salvation Army the day I was there…they must donate their unsold merchandise, like our Targets do to Goodwill. I usually don’t shop at SA for clothes but I’ll definitely be back now!

  3. LOVE the outfits!

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