Mar 282012

(Do do doooo do, do do do do do….)

Tomorrow’s the big day this household has been anxiously awaiting. Last night Eleanor informed us that her birthday was NOT in two days, but the day after tomorrow. The first thing I heard Henry say this morning was, “Eleanor, do you know what day it is? It’s the day before our birthday!”

We’ve been in the countdown mode for at least a month now. Every day it’s
How many days until our birthday?
What day is it on the calendar?
When’s it our birthday?
How many days until our birthday?
How many days until our birthday?
How many days until our birthday?

I’m not much better, I’m afraid. Lately I’m nothing but
Aren’t they the best?
Isn’t this the best?
Aren’t they awesome?
Aren’t they the BEST?
Seriously, aren’t they just THE! BEST!
Don’t you think they’re just the best?

Because this age is just THE BEST, you guys. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they still can drive me nuts and misbehave and all that. But this age is just, for lack of a less redundant way to put it, THE BEST. I’m equal parts “quit growing up my babies holy crap you’re going to go to kindergarten and you’re tall and independent and just stay four for a few more years please” and “five is going to be terrific I can’t wait to see you learn and grow and tell me your opinions on things hooray for five.”

The thing about having kids the exact same age is that you only get to do each phase once. Which is great for those phases that suck (looking at you, two-newborns-at-once days of yore). But it also makes these wonderful phases seem even more fleeting. I wish I could have Truman Show-like cameras recording every minute of our days right now, to play back later when they’re too busy texting Braden and Jaden on their iPhone 17s than wanting to hang with their dumb mom and dad. So I’m trying to soak in every moment I have with them right now, while they’re on the cusp of big-kid-ness.

The celebration started today at preschool with crowns and cupcakes, and will continue well into April with lots of friends and family. In the meantime, the countdown to five is still going strong. T-24 hours and counting!

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