Apr 122012

In about a ten day span, we crammed in the twins’ birthday, spring break, Andy’s birthday, and Easter. Crazy-ass busy? Yes! Lots of fun? Affirmative! Am I going to tell you about it? You know it!

I’m sure a lot of you trekked all the way to Florida for spring break, and I’ve just got two words for you: HAHA SUCKERS. We drove less than five hours to southern Illinois, where we had multiple days of temps pushing 90. We were hot and a little miserable and it was FABULOUS. We even hit the (neighbor’s) pool for the first time this season.

Of course, loving grandparents meant more birthday celebrating.

We arrived home the evening before Andy’s parents came to visit and celebrate Easter/Andy’s birthday weekend. We ate queso, I introduced my mother-in-law to the wonders of Goodwill, the kids opened yet more presents. Sunday was both Easter and Andy’s birthday, so it was a fun mash-up of egg seeking, kite flying, cheesecake, and Empire Strikes Back viewing.

And then everything was over and we went back to our normal everyday routine and I tried to get caught up on things and failed. The end.

Have you had spring break? What was your favorite part?


  2 Responses to “Where I've Been While I Haven't Been Here”

  1. Yay for non-stop fun! We had a crazy few weeks too and did something even sillier than trek to Florida – we flew to San Diego! Then came home and drove to Chicago three days later! Hm, let’s see, let’s do Eastern time, then Pacific time, then Eastern time, then Central time, then Eastern time, then Easter time, in which everyone is hopped up on sugar for a day, then back to school. My fav part was seeing how happy Ben was to ride his first real roller coaster, The Dragon, at Legoland! He loved every minute. I’m glad to see your two have seen Star Wars. Ben is very interested in it (thx to the Wii) but hasn’t seen it yet. Good know we can show him soon. :)

  2. PS: My buddy Dan Z (I think you have his blog) just posted an info-graphic about queso that I think you’ll love. :)

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