Apr 302012

We had to take a raincheck on celebrating since I was sick all weekend, but I still spent yesterday feeling thankful for twelve years with

the Worthy to my Fles
the boring political books to my junkfood-y mysteries
the Sugar Hill Gang to my Snoop Dogg
the Champaign to my Carterville
the NFL to my HGTV
the Big 10 message boards to my blogs
the sushi to my peanut butter
the groom to my bride

Happy anniversary (yesterday), Andy!

  3 Responses to “Dozen”

  1. Happy anniversary!
    Everything about this post is perfection, except that your husband likes sushi and you don’t. That is kind of weird.

    • Even weirder? I don’t eat ANY seafood. The fact that it smells like biology lab, added to the fact that my childhood next-door neighbor was a tournament fisherman who cleaned his catches out on his driveway, means I just don’t have the stomach for it.

  2. Happy anniversary to you two. You look really perfect together. Much love to you all.

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