May 082012

He planned for a year and trained every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for five months.

He developed tendonitis in his Achilles, and irritation in his foot’s sesamoid bone, so he hadn’t run more than 45 minutes straight in a couple months.

Race day had >90% humidity, and a yellow flag caution to runners to be careful of weather conditions.

But he did it!

Andy completed his first half-marathon on Saturday, with a very respectable time of 2:23:08. As he breezed past the kids and me a half-mile from the finish line, he certainly didn’t look like a guy dealing with injuries and worries that he wouldn’t be able to finish. He looked like a seasoned runner and champ and I couldn’t be prouder.


  4 Responses to “Please hum "Chariots of Fire" while reading.”

  1. WOO HOO!!! Congratulations! To you both.

  2. I love his determination! I’ve promised myself that next year is my year. I’m going to do it, and knock it off my bucketlist!


  4. Congratulations to you both! You really look amazing.

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