Jun 192012

Last week my friend Amanda, who’s really good at planning social stuff like this, had our little clique over for a Pinterest party. We were tasked with bringing a food and a kids’ craft that we had found while pinning. It was a fun, relaxing day of cake and cheese, cloud dough and beads in ice, with some bonus light saber fights and sprinkler fun thrown in for good measure. We also went home with some craft components, ready to be whipped out as soon as the kids mutter, “I’m bored.”

Look fun, doesn’t it? It was. Want to try your own Pinterest party? Here are the crafts and food we used:

cloud dough

squeezable sidewalk chalk

ice eggs

marshmallow shooter

handprint flag

homemade playdough

better than anything cake

apple smiles

weightless boosting water

white queso dip

crockpot chicken enchilada soup


  5 Responses to “Ain't no party like a Pinterest party”

  1. We need reviews!
    Or were all of these a hit? I’ve been burned badly by Pinterest.

    • All were a hit! I think H & E’s favorites were the queso dip and the cornstarch sidewalk chalk. That cake was OMGDELICIOUS. And random pro tip: cloud dough was a huge hit with all the kids, but it’s very much an outside-only activity, unless you enjoy getting flour everywhere.

  2. That sounds like great fun! I see that the children enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing those cool photos.

  3. I need “in” on this group. Although that would require me to do something off pinterest. :)

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