Jul 062012

We had a fun Fourth of July, it was pretty much an exact repeat of last year. Pool, grilling out with cousins, those little pop-y firework thingies, sitting by the war memorial for fireworks downtown. Eleanor even wore the same dress. It’s a great way to spend the holiday, maybe next year we’ll go for the trifecta.


  One Response to “Fourth, Again”

  1. Wow… I wanna move to wherever you are so I can go to that fireworks show. We could see a couple from our roof, but the shows are small and crowded. We used to live in a major city where the neighborhood scoflaws put on a better show than we can find in driving distance.

    It was so much funner when the kids just rec’d the program. My big ‘ol teens are continually acting like the Siskel and Ebert of family fun.

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