Jul 142012

The kids are at THE perfect age. The lake is the warmest I’ve ever felt it. I have a feeling this will be our best year at the lake yet. And also the most over-documented.

Here’s today, as seen through my iPhone lens.

(not pictured: the trip to the library, where Eleanor checked out one of her brother and sister’s memorial books; the first time we’ve ever spent the ENTIRE afternoon in the water; Andy throwing the kids into the lake with a big splash and huge smiles and shouts of “do it again, Daddy!”; Henry’s ears sticking out from his mask strap; Eleanor floating on her back for 37 seconds; Henry turning the dock into a spaceship and putting it on autopilot through a meteor shower; Eleanor looking for shells and swimming with Grandma; swimming AGAIN after supper which the kids declared “way funner than a bath;” Andy and I wondering if our children had sprouted gills; a tired family conking out, ready to do it all again tomorrow)

  One Response to “Glen Lake: Day One”

  1. How wonderful. So clear!!!! That was a lot of fun and adventure for day one. Your over-documentation makes up for my under-documentation.

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