Jul 252012

A year ago, Eleanor refused to wear a dress. Like, last summer I had to lie to her and say that those skirt-with-shorts-underneath combos were really just shorts. If I said the word “skirt,” she’d immediately take it off. She would never play in princessy type dress-up clothes, and probably didn’t even know what a bracelet was.

So imagine my shock when, this winter/early spring, that’s suddenly all Eleanor wanted to wear. I wondered if it would be a short-lived phase, but it’s continued on through summer: dresses and skirts almost every day. She also added jewelry and hair bows and headbands to the mix.

Lately, every morning when she wakes up, she picks out her own outfit and dresses herself, popping out of her bedroom with a “do you like my outfit?” She usually insists on doing her own hair and takes care in choosing a matching headband. Jewelry will get changed throughout the day; this usually results in baubles scattered all over, so I’m excited to surprise her soon with her very own grandma jewelry hanger that I recently picked up at Goodwill.

The way that she proudly showed me her outfit today made me realize she deserved her own WIWW post. This is all Eleanor, from head to toe and even her own pose (she was anxious to show off the jewelry):

Striped top: Circo/Target, Goodwill, $1
Orange skirt: Circo/Target, Goodwill, $1
Headband: Children’s Place, $3

Check out her jewelry:

Made all by herself during our polymer clay craft session!

This girl has been nothing but surprises ever since she was born, her sudden and instant evolution into a girly-girl is only one example. So happy I get to be along for the ride! Like Andy commented to me tonight, she’s just all kinds of awesome.


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  1. Cute little lady.

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