Jul 252012

pleated poppy

It was supposed to rain yesterday, plus it continues to be 1855623 degrees out, so the kids and I stayed indoors and did some crafting. We played with polymer clay; it was the first time any of us had used it and it was a big hit. I copied this post and whipped up some bangles.

Arm party!

That beige-y copper one was supposed to be silver/pearly white. Pro tip: If you play Mario Kart while your clay is baking, you won’t hear your oven timer go off and your clay will get a little overcooked and turn darker. Put down the Wii, and read a book or something.

While I looked proudly at my pile of bangles, I suddenly thought, “hey! I’ve got a dress in those colors!” And voilà, another What I Wore Wednesday post of thrifty finds was born.

Check it:

Dress: Thakoon for Target, Goodwill, $4.50
Cardigan: 89th & Madison, Goodwill, $2
Sandals: Born Concept, JC Penney, $10 (I know, not a thrift store, but I DID get them on super duper end-of-season clearance)
Bangles: made by yours truly, like maybe 25 cents each? Clay’s half price at Michael’s this week!
Necklace: passed down from my Aunt Lois, priceless

I’m giving my purse its own closeup, because I love it so:

My favorite find so far this summer: Value World, $2. The khaki canvas is interwoven with gold thread, so if the light hits it right it gets this gold sheen that is the perfect blend of tacky and awesome. I topped it off with a vintage brooch that cost a whopping $1 at my hometown thrift store.

Randomly ending this post with a shout-out to Andy, who took these photos. My photography-craziness is finally rubbing off; he used the word “bokeh” correctly and I maybe even saw some focus-and-recompose action, too. Give the boy a gold star!

  4 Responses to “What I Wore Wednesday”

  1. I love thrifting and anything “Born” for $10 NEW should get its own shout out. Even if you buy it from a guy named Guido out of the back of a Datsun.

  2. LOVE THIS! That bag with the brooch is so cute! Brilliant!

    • Thanks! Aren’t vintage brooches the best? I’ve started keeping my eye out for them on my thrifting adventures; I kinda want to pin them on everything now.

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