Sep 032012

This past month has been a steady stream of getting-ready-for-school activities. Class meetings and orientations, our teacher home visit, settling into my new class rep duties, shopping for school supplies and backpacks and new clothes. We’re staying at our co-op for kindergarten, so no biggie, right?

Wrong. The inside of my brain looks like this at any given moment:

How did they go from stem cells to students in what feels like two blinks?

Henry and Eleanor, for their part, are fired up for kindergarten. They felt like such Big Stuff choosing their backpacks and going outfit shopping with Grandma and Grandpa, and have been asking, “how many days until kindergarten?” for at least the past week or so.

And Andy and I, for our part, are fired up for it, too. We’re excited for them to have a great teacher that will encourage them, and to watch them learn and grow and explore. And, truth be told, I’m also a wee bit excited to have time to myself most days of the week (I can finish a thought! I can pee in solitude!). But that hasn’t stopped me from random bouts of tears over KINDERGARTEN HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.

I know that at this point, I should just go ahead and add a Jennifer Is Freaking Out Again Over How Fast Her Kids Are Growing Up category to this blog, what with all the whining I do about it. I mean, I started crying about kindergarten in JANUARY. I’ve figured out by now that this growing-up stuff happens too quickly for all parents, so I should just get over myself about it. But I don’t think I’ll ever have an easy time accepting it. The beginning of their school years means the beginning of Henry and Eleanor not 100% belonging to us any more. And with twins, this transition is going to hit us all at once. They’ll be spending more of their week with their peers, and will start to have more influences from outside our family. Which is, like, the whole point of growing up, but who knew that watching it happen could be so hard?

But as wistful as I feel as we move out of Little Kid Era and into School Kid Era, I feel so grateful to be along for their journey. Even after five years, I still have a hard time believing they actually happened. Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe how Andy and I are.

These two? Are gonna ROCK kindergarten.

And their mom? Couldn’t be prouder. Really. Henry and Eleanor are terrifically wonderful awesome children and I know we’re in store for a great year. And I promise I’ll quit crying about it. Promise. Eventually. Kindergarten, man, KINDERGARTEN.

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