Oct 242012

Overall, I’m incredibly thankful to be a stay-at-home mom. For our family, this is the right decision for us, for right now.

But, just like any job, there are aspects I don’t like. I HATE meal planning. I can’t sit to type an email, or even go pee, without getting interrupted. And the absolute toughest part, in my opinion: no vacation or sick days.

The “no sick days” part has really sucked this week. Both Andy and I are sick. Andy’s ran a fever since Saturday night, and got a bronchitis diagnosis at the doctor this morning. Luckily I haven’t been as bad, but I’m all liquidy muscles and fatigue and low-grade fever. Henry and Eleanor are more independent now, but they still insist on getting fed, and being driven on field trips, and going to swim lessons, and reading bedtime stories. So you trade off with Andy when you can, and then buck up and get on with your day, while dreaming of cozy blankets and streaming episodes of Breaking Bad.

And I know ALL parents deal with this, not just us stay-at-home ones. So I’ll get over myself. But ugh, sometimes being a responsible adult in charge of small humans is totally not fun.

But still totally worth it.

  2 Responses to “Somebody call a WAAAHmbulance”

  1. My company’s sick time is lumped with vacation time, so I never have sick time. 10 years with the company and I’ve never taken a sick day for myself!! Only for my kids.

    I’m sick now and Jon is gone and I’ve had quite a nice pity party for myself. Pizza delivery is where it is AT!

    • Yeah, one thing for the Worthys to be thankful for is that Andy’s company is actually very generous with the time off. He gets “personal” (aka sick) days on top of vacation. Which is how we can be home together to take silly photos for the blog.

      That sucks that you’re sick during a single-parenting week! Hope you feel better soon. And some pizza company needs to profit off sick parents and offer free delivery of alcoholic beverages alongside your pizza order. A “cheese with a side of margarita” sounds pretty good right now.

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