Nov 022012

Well, Fall seems to keep thwarting my get-in-shape plans. I had planned on regaling you with tales of my Intermediate Swimming, but alas, this has been my week:

So there’s that. No backstrokes or horrible attempts at dolphin kicks this week.

But! While taking care of my mental health and well-being won’t necessarily make me shed any pounds, it’s still important. And it’s what I’m currently doing. I got to run away for a few days and am currently nestled into a bed and breakfast with a handful of mom friends. It’s actually a b & b geared towards scrapbookers. Which I’m not. So I was all “um, soooo…I’m gonna bring my iMac, okay?” and am going to enjoy a few days of photo editing and blogging and Netflix streaming. And, most importantly, eating and peeing without interruption, having conversations without interruption, sleeping without interruption, getting to be selfish and only thinking of myself until Sunday.

I constantly struggle with an inability to schedule time to take care of myself. I feel guilty spending money on myself when I don’t bring in any income. My brain gets stuck in Mom Mode and has a hard time shifting focus away from Henry and Eleanor. And then I find myself stressed out and feeling short of patience with the kids and Andy, which isn’t fair to them. I need to schedule regular breaks for myself, but in five years of stay-at-home-mom-ness, I’ve never mastered that skill. And so I end up sending Andy all-caps OMG HAVEN’T HAD DAY TO MYSELF SINCE FEBRUARY DON’T HAVE EXTRA MONEY BUT SCREW IT GIRLS WEEKEND HAS BEEN BOOKED  text messages-slash-distress calls. I need to work on doing things for myself on an ongoing basis, so I don’t get to the all-caps bitchy stage. And I need to work on not feeling guilty when I do take a break. Trying to improve my physical health is an important goal, but mental health shouldn’t be any less important. This weekend is a good start. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a Diet Coke to enjoy in sweet, delicious peace.

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