Nov 032012

I love that we’re establishing traditions with the kids during one of our favorite holidays. The downside is that this post will pretty much be the same as this one. Or this one.

We celebrated the month in our now-usual ways. The Halloween tree is a favorite. Henry and Eleanor loved finding the ornament each day and counting down the days until trick-or-treating.

The kids chose their costumes early on. Eleanor was insistent on being a black cat (her tail and furry shirt are Mom-made, *takes a bow*). Henry’s recent Transformers obsession led him to request a Bumblebee costume.

We did Zoo Boo again. Andy had come down with bronchitis, so this year it was just the kids and me. Not my smartest parenting decision, we went on the most crowded day possible. We gave it our best shot, though, and made some good memories to go alongside all the sitting-in-line ones.

We had pumpkin carving night at school. This time I was sick and it was Andy’s turn to go solo with kids. Henry and Eleanor created their own pumpkin designs:

Henry’s is a clone trooper face, although it kinda looks like he inadvertently designed the 2016 Olympic mascot logo.

We got to celebrate as an entire family at the Irvington Halloween festival. We enjoyed some music (kids), beer (parents), and a costume parade (all of us). Henry was very proud of himself when Transformers fans in the crowd would make Bumblebee comments as he passed by.

Halloween day was incredible fun. I heard Eleanor telling her brother Halloween morning, “Henry! Henry! TODAY we go trick-or-treating!” The kids reported having a great time celebrating at school, “pin the nose on the jack o’ lantern” was a favorite. That evening, Henry and Eleanor were good sports about Mom taking photos before we set out for candy.

We trick-or-treated as a large pack with the other families on our street. Henry and Eleanor adore the older kids in our neighborhood, so once again, we mainly saw the backs of them as they ran off to keep up with the crew.

We roamed the furthest yet this year in our quest for candy—all the streets in our immediate area, plus a few houses in an adjacent neighborhood. The kids’ pumpkins were filled to the brim, at one point Henry requested I carry it for him (“my muscles are tired, Mom, I’m out of Energon”).

Henry also declared, “I love Halloween! This is the best day ever!” Andy and I tend to agree. I don’t know what it is about trick-or-treating, but being out in a group of families, watching our kids having fun, brings out the “I can’t believe this is our life” feeling we still get after our years of struggling to have a family. That feeling’s better than any treat.

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