Nov 092012

Pro tip: Did you know that if you’ve been sick, if you force your body to rest, it actually starts to feel better? What a novel concept! After being sick for two weeks, and in the “taking care of myself” spirit I still had going after my wonderful girls’ weekend, I made myself lounge on the couch with the cat while the kids were in school this week. Turns out giving yourself a break and napping while letting your antibiotics do their job works better than my usual “buck up and keep going with your usual schedule and still feel sick two weeks later” plan.

Simon: unconventional sinusitis cure

All the resting this week meant I was up for attending my first Intermediate Swimming class. And it was fun! Having had only one other round of lessons, I was worried I wouldn’t be intermediate-y enough, but I did fine. I still have a hard time with freestyle; we’re refining arm motions in this class and I’m back to my “how do I get my head out of the way to breathe oops I just swallowed half the pool” issues. But that’s why I’m taking lessons, right?

But breaststroke: I kinda rocked it. Like, the only one in class who can swim it and got to do so without aid of a pool noodle. I worked on refining my arms a little, and at the end of class even started to learn the competitive way of swimming it. (It involves more hip movement.) (OMG there is just no way to talk about any aspect of the breaststroke without wanting to yell THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.) Breaststroke is my favorite. (that’s what she said) (SORRY)

So swimming is still going swimmingly. I mean, I won’t be hanging over the lane divider thingies and fist-pumping because I just won a gold medal anytime soon or anything. Dara Torres I’m not, but I AM someone who can do things she couldn’t just two months ago. That’s good enough for me.

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