Nov 222012

2012, for our family, is going to go down in the record books as Epically Shitty. My grandpa died (which I never blogged about, did I? so yeah, that happened in May), my father-in-law died, my dog died. All mixed in with other random lesser things, like surprise car repairs or being sick for basically all of Fall.

I have Officially Given Up on any chance of 2012 swinging back over to the “good” column; I’m instead just biding my time until my calendar flips over to 2013 and a fresh start. It’s hard to realize that there were some nuggets of good over the past eleven months, but they’re there. So here’s me sitting and forcing myself to remember the things I still have to be thankful for:

a loving family
a kick-ass husband
healthy, smart children
two entertaining cats
a fun family trip to Chicago
the best week I ever had at the lake
fun visits to out-of-state family
Henry and Eleanor’s great experience so far in kindergarten
watching the kids learn how to read
my health and ability to work on getting healthier
opportunities I’ve been able to give my family through this blog
friends that are awesome whose kids are just as awesome

So the good IS there this year, even if I have to look a little harder to find it. It will be 2013 eventually, right?

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