Feb 012013

Oh, January, you started off so well. We were still full of warm fuzzy feelings after a great Christmas. Justin Timberlake released new music. Airfare was booked for an impromptu trip to visit my sister in Portland.

And then the germpocalypse hit.

Henry and Eleanor’s kindergarten class started dropping like flies. For a few days, seven of the class of twelve were out sick. Poor Henry missed an entire week of school. Late that week I took him to immediate care, just to make sure his continuing low-grade fever and coughing hadn’t morphed into something requiring drugs. I should probably get checked out, too, I thought, since I had started running a fever the previous evening.

Yeah, tested positive for Type A flu. Guess who hadn’t had her flu shot thanks to an autumn full of family deaths and her primary care doctor leaving the practice?

DUDE. I have a sky-high pain tolerance, for example, walking around all la-di-dah for a weekend with what turned out to be internal bleeding, and the flu straight-up made me CRY. Multiple times. When the flu hit Downton Abbey I watched Cora all tossing and turning and thought, really? are we sure the flu is really like that? Yes. Yes it is. Except you probably won’t be in an estate surrounded by ladies maids, you’ll be in a recliner wrapped in a Snuggie. I hurt so bad all over, and stopped taking my temperature when I hit 102.8, and that was the sickest I’ve been in my adult life, and I’m never ever EVER skipping my flu shot ever again. (Save me your stories of how the only time you’ve been sick was when you had the flu shot, or you never get one and you’re fine. I’ve probably already seen your comments on Facebook about it and I don’t care. It just means I won’t have to knock you over trying to rush to the front of the flu-shot line next fall.)

So that was a fun entire week of feeling miserable. Then I hopped on a plane and visited my sister for a whirlwind long weekend in Portland.

And arrived home just in time for a stomach bug. Eleanor was up in the middle of the night Tuesday night with stomach issues, and proceeded to miss two days of school this week. I was up in the middle of the night Wednesday night with stomach issues, and Andy’s middle-of-the-night turn was last night. We’re all nibbling on saltines and peanut butter, and lamenting the Pacers floor seats we had to give up Wednesday night and the fun “let’s go eat tapas” date we had planned last night.

But thankfully January’s over, here’s to a healthier February. Now to just figure out if tanker trucks full of Lysol are available to individual consumers, or if it’s easier to just take a blowtorch to my house and start over.

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  1. Good luck in February. The last time I was that sick, my twins were…two. years. old. January 2000.

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