May 262013

Back in January, it seemed like every mommy blogger chose a “word of the year” in lieu of any resolutions. Posts were full of words like “bloom” or “savor” or “inspire,” usually typeset against a calming nature photo or Pinterest-worthy artwork, with platitudes about living your best life or whatever.

Well, it took me halfway through the year, but I chose my word.


Don’t you feel so uplifted and inspired now?

But here’s the thing. We’ve had a tough past twelve months with multiple losses. A few things I’ve already blogged about. A few others aren’t my stories to tell, so let’s just say I’ve spent a good chunk of my time worrying about a lot of people I love. And I get that life is cyclical, you need the bad to appreciate the good, etc., etc. But I do have some regret that five was such a wonderful age for Henry and Eleanor, and we didn’t always get to appreciate it fully.

When you’re a stay-at-home parent, it’s too easy to tell yourself, well, I don’t work, so I should take that volunteer position/attend that event/agree to do whatever thing I’ve just been asked to commit to. But this year I’m changing my way of thinking. This year, I’m going to say “no” more than I say “yes.” In all areas of my life I’m asking, “Is this benefitting any of the four people that live in my house?” If I can’t answer in the affirmative then I’m saying no.

Saying no will help me focus on my true priorities. Enjoying the heck out of my six-year-olds and creating some good memories for them. Recording those memories through my photography and this blog. Continuing on my path to getting healthier. Ensuring that I spend more time hanging out with Andy.

So if you’re not Henry, Eleanor, Andy, or me,  you’ll probably hear “no” from me at some point this year. And I hope by staying negative, this year will turn out to be positive.

  3 Responses to “No, Nope, Nuh-uh, Non.”

  1. I will be very interested to hear how this plays out. I chose “More” one year and that year had more heart break, more bad things happen, and I ended up weighing a lot more by the end. Now I’m a lot more careful in my choice of words.

    I chose The Year of Reflection because I’ve had some crazy years, and so far, it has lived up to the hype. I’ve had to reflect a lot of things as my gall bladder busted and my BFF’s 2 year old got brain cancer.

    • I like your Year of Reflection idea! I’ve never done a word for the year before, but felt like I needed some motivation to push the “reset” button on our family after a pretty crappy year. Let’s hope I can stick to it!

      • …and let’s just clarify that I like the reflection IDEA, not the actual things you’ve had to reflect on. Hope your year brings better things for your insides and your BFFs family.

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