Jun 062013

On Tuesday, I got ready to drag the kids along for a morning of errands. As I gave them outfits to change into, Henry asked me, “Mom, can I wear my Bumblebee costume?” Why not? I thought. “Sure, kid, that’d be great.”

So Eleanor, a Transformer, and I headed out. I wondered if he would get embarrassed from the attention and want to take off the costume. But nope, us girls enjoyed the protection of an autobot at the post office, Lowe’s, the library, Target, and the plant nursery. Autobots also enjoy surprise Happy Meal lunches, we learned. Everywhere we went we got lots of smiles and comments, and didn’t have to correct too many people that no, he wasn’t a Power Ranger.

hover craft-2


There’s no real point to this post, I guess. It’s just that Henry and Eleanor seem so on the cusp of Big Kid-ness lately, as they act more independently and we look towards the start of grade school later this summer. Running errands with Bumblebee was a wonderful reminder that they’re still little, and I need to cherish it every chance I get. I won’t always have an autobot to pick out my petunias, so we’re going to make the most of it while we can.


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