Sep 032013

There were lots of things I had on my to-do list this weekend. Rooms to paint. Mulch to spread. Stuff to organize.

I did none of it. And it was fantastic.

For the first time in recent memory, we had a weekend at home with nothing going on. We’ve been on the go all summer; for example, three separate trips to Michigan in July/early August had us home just one weekend out of five.

So when our Labor Day weekend morphed into one with naps and Sun King growlers, I decided to embrace it. One look at our September calendar, with its good times like meetings on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday nights this week and not a single weekend without something scheduled, and I happily ditched the responsibilities and grabbed the sunblock.

And what did we do with all of our free time?

Well, we spent part of Saturday and Sunday floating in the Y pool.


I beat eight levels in Candy Crush.

Andy made an impromptu overnight trip to Chicago for a fantasy football draft with friends he hadn’t seen in forever.

Andy and I took turns dozing while the kids gorged on the Ninjago and Lego Friends they discovered on Netflix.

We broke in Andy’s new bicycle with a few family bike rides.

Andy and I watched six episodes of Breaking Bad.

I watched eight episodes of 30 Rock.

We went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Indiana State Museum, on its very last day because I am always so organized and on top of things. Henry loved the droideka, Eleanor loved the star destroyer, Andy loved the Millennium Falcon, I still loved it all the second time around. The kids were more into the hands-on science-y parts than I thought they’d be. We took very few normal photos.


We grilled out and dined on the deck, toasting our beer and milk to the last weekend of a full and fun summer.

I made plans to try to have no plans more often.

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