Fat to Fit Friday

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Nov 302012

So I guess I have this new habit of signing up for races and then not training for them. First it was Wine at the Line, and on Thanksgiving morning Andy and I did the Drumstick Dash.

We woke up early and headed to Broad Ripple for a 4.6-mile run/walk, something that does not sound fun when you’re anticipating a day of mashed potatoes and stuffing and fat pants.

In car, on way to race
ANDY: I’m glad we could do this, this is a fun thing to be able to do together.
JENNIFER: “…even though you’ve been bitching about it all morning.” That’s the second part of your sentence, right?
ANDY: Well, yeah.

True love, people. TRUE. LOVE.

Actually, Andy was right, it WAS a fun thing to do together. We got there early enough where we had time to hang out with each other and do some pre-race stuff, like eat bananas and browse sponsor booths and take pictures with turkeys.

The race went well for both of us. Andy ran, I walked. I left my phone at the gear check-in, so no pictures, but Andy and I were nice enough to re-enact it for you.

We both did pretty well, for two people that had Achilles problems (Andy) and didn’t train (me).

I even ran little bits here and there, like the last quarter-mile. I was proud that, compared to my first race, I went over a mile further AND knocked 24 seconds off my pace. Go me!

The “being sore for two or three days afterwards” part wasn’t fun, but we had a good enough time that Andy somehow convinced me to sign up today for next May’s Mini half-marathon. 13.1 miles…I’ll probably have to train for THAT one, won’t I? At least I’ll have Friday blog fodder for the next five months or so.

Oct 242012

Overall, I’m incredibly thankful to be a stay-at-home mom. For our family, this is the right decision for us, for right now.

But, just like any job, there are aspects I don’t like. I HATE meal planning. I can’t sit to type an email, or even go pee, without getting interrupted. And the absolute toughest part, in my opinion: no vacation or sick days.

The “no sick days” part has really sucked this week. Both Andy and I are sick. Andy’s ran a fever since Saturday night, and got a bronchitis diagnosis at the doctor this morning. Luckily I haven’t been as bad, but I’m all liquidy muscles and fatigue and low-grade fever. Henry and Eleanor are more independent now, but they still insist on getting fed, and being driven on field trips, and going to swim lessons, and reading bedtime stories. So you trade off with Andy when you can, and then buck up and get on with your day, while dreaming of cozy blankets and streaming episodes of Breaking Bad.

And I know ALL parents deal with this, not just us stay-at-home ones. So I’ll get over myself. But ugh, sometimes being a responsible adult in charge of small humans is totally not fun.

But still totally worth it.

Jul 142012

The kids are at THE perfect age. The lake is the warmest I’ve ever felt it. I have a feeling this will be our best year at the lake yet. And also the most over-documented.

Here’s today, as seen through my iPhone lens.

(not pictured: the trip to the library, where Eleanor checked out one of her brother and sister’s memorial books; the first time we’ve ever spent the ENTIRE afternoon in the water; Andy throwing the kids into the lake with a big splash and huge smiles and shouts of “do it again, Daddy!”; Henry’s ears sticking out from his mask strap; Eleanor floating on her back for 37 seconds; Henry turning the dock into a spaceship and putting it on autopilot through a meteor shower; Eleanor looking for shells and swimming with Grandma; swimming AGAIN after supper which the kids declared “way funner than a bath;” Andy and I wondering if our children had sprouted gills; a tired family conking out, ready to do it all again tomorrow)
May 082012

He planned for a year and trained every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for five months.

He developed tendonitis in his Achilles, and irritation in his foot’s sesamoid bone, so he hadn’t run more than 45 minutes straight in a couple months.

Race day had >90% humidity, and a yellow flag caution to runners to be careful of weather conditions.

But he did it!

Andy completed his first half-marathon on Saturday, with a very respectable time of 2:23:08. As he breezed past the kids and me a half-mile from the finish line, he certainly didn’t look like a guy dealing with injuries and worries that he wouldn’t be able to finish. He looked like a seasoned runner and champ and I couldn’t be prouder.


Apr 302012

We had to take a raincheck on celebrating since I was sick all weekend, but I still spent yesterday feeling thankful for twelve years with

the Worthy to my Fles
the boring political books to my junkfood-y mysteries
the Sugar Hill Gang to my Snoop Dogg
the Champaign to my Carterville
the NFL to my HGTV
the Big 10 message boards to my blogs
the sushi to my peanut butter
the groom to my bride

Happy anniversary (yesterday), Andy!