Time for some week-of-Thanksgiving filler posts!

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Nov 202012

Thanksgiving prep is underway. I should write a real post, but I think I’m gonna cash in my “post a video of Psy & MC Hammer” card instead. Which, come on, you know you’ve watched it like 27 times already due to the sheer force of its awesomeness, it’s okay, don’t feel ashamed, my household has, too:

(Side note to my children: remember the dude at the State Fair who you said was SO BORING WE JUST WANT TO RIDE RIDES, MOM and Mom tried to be all SHUT UP KIDS THIS IS PREMIUM ENTERTAINMENT RIGHT HERE? Turns out Mom was right, wasn’t she? It’s good that you’ve learned your mother is a genius at such a young age, it will serve you well in life.)

Attention Blonde People!

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Nov 182012

So my little sister graciously gave me a gift certificate for some spa services for my birthday tomorrow. I went this afternoon for a facial, which I’ve had before and knew I would enjoy, and a brow and lash tint, which I had never had, but my sister swore would be awesome.

She was so right!

My brows and lashes are very very light blonde, so that when I’m not wearing makeup (which is most of the time, unfortunately) I look pretty much bald, facially speaking.

But behold!

That right there is a cleansed and exfoliated and steamed face free of make-up. Look! I have eyebrows like a normal person! But surely I’m wearing mascara, right? Wrong! Tinted! Wheeee!

Okay, so I’m not used to my brows being any sort of color so I feel not unlike Bert from Sesame Street right now. And the eyelash tint was kinda sting-y for a few minutes after it got applied. And I’m sure this is a “once maybe twice special treat” thing due to lack of money and time to keep it up monthly. But my eyelashes! You can see them! This makes me way happier than it should!

So listen up, my fellow blonde-browed brethren: get thee to a spa, posthaste. Tint those lashes. You won’t regret it! It will make you use an overabundance of exclamation points!

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 172012

oops! almost forgot
to do a blog post today
*whew* I remembered

Pacers game, party,
cleaning, errands, spa treatment
this weekend is packed

almost thirty-nine
week of Thanksgiving does not
feel like a birthday

Millie: I want out
now I want in I want out
now I want back in

Hostess out of biz
thanks, Ding Dongs, for getting me
through first trimester

Nov 162012

You guys. YOU GUYS! Guess who has two thumbs and can now do a honest-to-goodness big-girl dive?

*this girl*

So yeah, I had swimming last night and I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I really, really like it. My freestyle is starting to make more sense to me, and I worked on refining and speeding up my backstroke. I think I swam the most laps in one sitting than I ever have. If only I could find more time to practice during the week, I think I could start adding “getting in shape” to the “learn new skills” part of swimming.

And since it was a smaller class last night, I got to do some one-on-one work on my diving, too. We reviewed what I had started to do in my last class, and I did a few kneeling dives. Then my instructor showed me how to do the “stand at the side of the pool, kick up your back leg and jump out into the pool and dive” dive. With no part of me crouching or touching the side of the pool, other than my right foot, this felt like a Real Actual Dive. My first attempt? Totally bellyflopped it. But about ten tries later I was getting the hang of it. Why is going headfirst into water such a scary thing to me? Your guess is as good as mine, I have no idea. But I did it! More than once! Go me! My new secret goal is to dive off of the starting block.

And THEN, when I was getting ready to leave the pool, I spotted an Olympic rings tattoo on the back of another swimmer. And really, there’s only two types of people who would get Olympic rings tattoos: 1) actual Olympians, or 2) douchebags. The guy looked a little familiar, so I wondered if he were in the former group. I tried to do the “I’m not looking at you but really I am” stealth stalking and then proceeded to spend about an hour Googling, both at the Y on my phone and when I got home. I think it was diver Thomas Finchum there in the pool with me.

So how cool is that, to have an Olympic diver in the pool the night I got over my fear and did some big-girl diving? This can only mean one thing: the U.S. Olympic committee has gotten wind of my lessons and is sending out scouts to recruit me. That has to be it, right? I mean, it wouldn’t be that he was just there working out with a friend or anything. As if.

So I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’m preeetttttttty sure this is happening:


Things I Will Never Understand

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Nov 152012

the appeal of any Twilight-related anything

how my children’s socks can disappear the minute they are taken off of feet

the second wind I get around 9:00 or 10:00 pm every time I want to go to bed early

my Snuggie love

my husband’s dislike of powdered sugar

how to correctly pronounce the word “adirondack”

Taylor Swift’s fame

how I never had my kids try edamame until today

why I always think committing to NaBloPoMo is good idea


Nov 142012

My family takes a lot of photos. Like, a LOT of them. Like, so much so that we started poking fun at ourselves by taking pictures of ourselves taking pictures.

But here’s the thing: I’m super great about the “say cheese!” part, but have majorly failed over the past decade in the “actually do something with them” part. Somewhere along the way I’ve let my photos stay in my computer. I couldn’t tell you the last time I put together an honest-to-goodness photo album. Oh wait, I could—2003, after a trip to Rome.

So yeah, almost ten years of not doing much. Pretty embarrassing for someone with a passion for photography.

Last month I got out an album to pull some photos for my post about Bentley. Henry and Eleanor commandeered the album and spent a good chunk of that day perusing it. They’ve browsed through it on and off ever since…it’s almost a month later and the album still hasn’t made its way back to its home in the den.

It made me realize that I need to document our family’s story in ways besides electronically. So I took advantage of a recent Shutterfly free print offer, and started with the first 100 photos of 2012. This afternoon I put them in an album that had been sitting empty for a handful of years. There’s still the previous five years of Henry and Eleanor’s life to deal with, but it’s a start.

I’m proud that I’ve kept up this blog for over four years now, that Henry and Eleanor will have it to read when they’re older. But being able to hold their history in their hands is pretty special, too. I’ve got to start doing a better job at this.

Can't blog, too busy dancing…

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Nov 132012

Sneaking in just under the wire with today’s NaBloPoMo post. Why, you ask? Because I had a hot date tonight with my cousin Marcy, to see the musical Billy Elliot.

And how was it, you also ask? Well, let me just go ahead and apologize now to my family for all the spontaneous dancing that’s going to break out over the next week or so.

Sorry ’bout that.

Can we maybe just pick a season and stick to it?

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Nov 122012

I was the participating parent at school today. During circle time, a glance out the window discovered an unexpected change in the weather.

That shrieking sound you heard this morning? A dozen kindergartners losing their minds over the first snow of the season.

That air of confusion you felt? Me, wondering how in the span of 24 hours we went from this (or this, notice the bare feet!):

to this:

I guess winter is here? For today, anyway.

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 112012

Things that broke today:
external hard drive and car.
Bad luck, we have it.

thanks, Mother Nature
for two warm, beautiful days
before cold again

yard work, paint guest room,
take photos, clean garage, we
have been productive

Eleanor wanted
training wheels off bike, so we
practiced two-wheeling

Hey, insomnia,
could you stay away tonight?
I would like sleep, thanks.