Weekend Haiku

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Nov 242012

I have good parents,
sad they had to leave today,
wish I lived closer

I am excited
to have new drinking glasses
when did I get old?

got to have a date
with husband: dinner, movie
(mac & cheese, Skyfall)

Eleanor’s new boots
sparkle but her happiness
sparkles even more

Sunday, put up tree
out with Thanksgiving and in
with Christmas good cheer

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 172012

oops! almost forgot
to do a blog post today
*whew* I remembered

Pacers game, party,
cleaning, errands, spa treatment
this weekend is packed

almost thirty-nine
week of Thanksgiving does not
feel like a birthday

Millie: I want out
now I want in I want out
now I want back in

Hostess out of biz
thanks, Ding Dongs, for getting me
through first trimester

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 112012

Things that broke today:
external hard drive and car.
Bad luck, we have it.

thanks, Mother Nature
for two warm, beautiful days
before cold again

yard work, paint guest room,
take photos, clean garage, we
have been productive

Eleanor wanted
training wheels off bike, so we
practiced two-wheeling

Hey, insomnia,
could you stay away tonight?
I would like sleep, thanks.

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 042012

Girls weekend: I can’t
tell you how badly that I
needed this fun break

At a B & B
in middle of countryside
eat, nap, chat, eat, sleep

Wish that I could tell
2003 me: see? you’ll
have friends in Indy

I have now been sick
for better part of two weeks
OVER IT, I say

Great part of weekend:
the hugs that I got from kids
when I walked through door

Weekend Haiku: Hunger Games Edition

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Mar 252012

It’s been at least five
years since we’ve seen a film on
opening weekend.

If you go to the
fancypants theatre you
drink beer while you watch

Yes, I wore a braid
in honor of Katniss. Yes,
I am a big dork.

What a treat to have
a date with husband in the
middle of the day

Review in haiku:
a great adaptation of
very kick-ass book

Love that the hero
is female, hope to watch with
my daughter some day.

Weekend Haiku

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Mar 042012

Shopping with my girl
“This is so cute!” she says like
she’s fourteen, not four

Feeling overwhelmed
To-do list long, free time short
March is so busy!

Lots of family
time this weekend, I love my
little group of four

Free tix to circus
Andy and I were bored, so
we live-tweeted it

Henry’s brain lately:
Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star
Wars Star Wars Star Wars

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 262011

holiday, part two
left one hometown, headed north
to other hometown

a three-hour drive
is two less than five hours,
feels even shorter

new car DVD
player makes the trip go by
so much more smoothly

I think I will dream
tonight about mother-in-
law’s pumpkin cheesecake

Eleanor can’t sleep,
tells Grandma she cannot stop
thinking ’bout Christmas

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 122011

Know what isn’t fun?
Feeling sick on the weekend.
Snotty, lost my voice.

I wouldn’t have snot
if it wasn’t 70
one day, 40 next

While I napped and cleaned
Andy took kids to pet show,
Henry held a snake

Eleanor asked if
I could give her ponytail.
I did with surprise.

Once again I am
haiku-ing on my iPad
from my cozy bed

Racing against clock
to get post up by midnight.
Looks like just in time!

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 052011

Dog is beside me
snoring so loud that it is
hard to concentrate

Why is it when dog
snores it is cute, but when my
husband does, I’m mad?

shopped for good bargains,
outerwear at Old Navy
eighty percent off

Dear Mother Nature:
Coat purchase does not mean I’m
ready for the cold

Henry snuggles close,
kisses cheek and tells me it’s
“your mother present”

Weekend Haiku

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Oct 302011

So, I signed up for
NaBloPoMo once again,
will be my third year

A post every day
for the month of November
Yikes! A lot to write!

I love Halloween.
Pumpkins, costumes, festivals,
best of all: candy!

Oven is broken.
Bright side: Chipotle supper
two nights in a row.

Top moment of week:
Seeing my kids and their friends
group hug their good-byes

(additional fantastically cute children provided by Amanda and Christen)