Weekend Haiku

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Nov 172012

oops! almost forgot
to do a blog post today
*whew* I remembered

Pacers game, party,
cleaning, errands, spa treatment
this weekend is packed

almost thirty-nine
week of Thanksgiving does not
feel like a birthday

Millie: I want out
now I want in I want out
now I want back in

Hostess out of biz
thanks, Ding Dongs, for getting me
through first trimester

Things I Will Never Understand

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Nov 152012

the appeal of any Twilight-related anything

how my children’s socks can disappear the minute they are taken off of feet

the second wind I get around 9:00 or 10:00 pm every time I want to go to bed early

my Snuggie love

my husband’s dislike of powdered sugar

how to correctly pronounce the word “adirondack”

Taylor Swift’s fame

how I never had my kids try edamame until today

why I always think committing to NaBloPoMo is good idea


Can't blog, too busy dancing…

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Nov 132012

Sneaking in just under the wire with today’s NaBloPoMo post. Why, you ask? Because I had a hot date tonight with my cousin Marcy, to see the musical Billy Elliot.

And how was it, you also ask? Well, let me just go ahead and apologize now to my family for all the spontaneous dancing that’s going to break out over the next week or so.

Sorry ’bout that.

Can we maybe just pick a season and stick to it?

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Nov 122012

I was the participating parent at school today. During circle time, a glance out the window discovered an unexpected change in the weather.

That shrieking sound you heard this morning? A dozen kindergartners losing their minds over the first snow of the season.

That air of confusion you felt? Me, wondering how in the span of 24 hours we went from this (or this, notice the bare feet!):

to this:

I guess winter is here? For today, anyway.

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 112012

Things that broke today:
external hard drive and car.
Bad luck, we have it.

thanks, Mother Nature
for two warm, beautiful days
before cold again

yard work, paint guest room,
take photos, clean garage, we
have been productive

Eleanor wanted
training wheels off bike, so we
practiced two-wheeling

Hey, insomnia,
could you stay away tonight?
I would like sleep, thanks.


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Nov 052012

I know America is a great country, and I’m thankful for my freedom and my ability to vote, but FOR THE LOVE OF PETE THIS ELECTION NEEDS TO BE OVER. I am so over all the shouty commercials and vitriolic social media posts and nothing of real substance being discussed anywhere. At this point, I would gladly vote for anyone, regardless of political party, who could promise me that they could:

• convince everyone in my Facebook and Twitter feeds that seriously, nobody cares about your political beliefs—that Some E Card you posted isn’t swaying anyone; we get it, you’re a genius and anyone with opposing views is obviously an idiot (sadly, those with liberal, inclusive social beliefs have been the absolute worst about this)—and return said feeds to endless kid and/or cat photos.

• allow me to place an I HATE THEM ALL AND WON’T READ ANY OF THIS CRAP AND WILL PROBABLY VOTE THIRD PARTY ANYWAY sign on my mailbox that magically repels any and all political junk mail

• staff all debates with teams of bipartisan fact-checkers; each lie a candidate tells is a strike, three strikes and you’re automatically disqualified from your race

• replace our current national anthem with the Team America: World Police theme

• replace all presidential images on our currency with photos of Jon Hamm

Any future candidate that can deliver on all of this? You get my vote, no matter your party. Until then, I’ll proudly go do my duty tomorrow and fill in my bubble sheet and get my “I Voted” sticker, and then will breathe a ginormous sigh of relief that it’s over for another year.

Weekend Haiku

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Nov 042012

Girls weekend: I can’t
tell you how badly that I
needed this fun break

At a B & B
in middle of countryside
eat, nap, chat, eat, sleep

Wish that I could tell
2003 me: see? you’ll
have friends in Indy

I have now been sick
for better part of two weeks
OVER IT, I say

Great part of weekend:
the hugs that I got from kids
when I walked through door

Oct 242012

Overall, I’m incredibly thankful to be a stay-at-home mom. For our family, this is the right decision for us, for right now.

But, just like any job, there are aspects I don’t like. I HATE meal planning. I can’t sit to type an email, or even go pee, without getting interrupted. And the absolute toughest part, in my opinion: no vacation or sick days.

The “no sick days” part has really sucked this week. Both Andy and I are sick. Andy’s ran a fever since Saturday night, and got a bronchitis diagnosis at the doctor this morning. Luckily I haven’t been as bad, but I’m all liquidy muscles and fatigue and low-grade fever. Henry and Eleanor are more independent now, but they still insist on getting fed, and being driven on field trips, and going to swim lessons, and reading bedtime stories. So you trade off with Andy when you can, and then buck up and get on with your day, while dreaming of cozy blankets and streaming episodes of Breaking Bad.

And I know ALL parents deal with this, not just us stay-at-home ones. So I’ll get over myself. But ugh, sometimes being a responsible adult in charge of small humans is totally not fun.

But still totally worth it.

Sep 222012

Our travels went smoothly, Bob’s memorial services went off without a hitch, and now we start the process of getting on with life.

Andy and I worry, of course, about his mom’s transition to her new normal. We shouldn’t, as my mother-in-law is about a million kinds of awesome, but she’s our mom (in-law) and so we’ll worry. And she’ll probably read this paragraph (either on her iPhone, or iPad, or MacBook Air, or iMac, seriously, she’s awesome) and tell us she’s FINE, so knock it off. And she WILL be fine.

Andy and I were talking last night about how it still doesn’t seem real. Everything was such a whirlwind, that’s it’s hard for our brains to realize that it was A Thing That Actually Happened. I know Andy will be fine, too, but I hate that Andy has to have the memory of giving his father CPR.

And I hate that it happened at my house. I wish I weren’t like that, but I’ve never handled death well. When I was twelve, my grandmother died in a similar way while we were visiting, and I still have nightmares about her house and farm. When we were going through our reproductive stuff, and especially after we lost Sam & Emilie, I very very desperately wanted to sell our house. Of course, “being crazy” isn’t a good reason to move, so we’ve stayed. But I’ve had to repaint the kitchen, repaint our bedroom (twice, with a couple gallons waiting on me to paint for the third), repaint our office, all in an effort to shake the bad energy I’ve always felt this house has. I had *just* gotten to a point where, while I’m not in love with my house, I was content staying here while the kids were at least in grade school. And now I’m back to wanting to slap a For Sale sign in the yard.

But even though I think “father-in-law basically died in my guest room” is reason to sell, it technically falls under the “being crazy” category, so I have to stay put. Andy might not understand my current trouble with being home by myself, or my random freak-outs over that room being a kid’s room some day, but he made the suggestion himself to redo the guest room. The gallon of paint has already been purchased (thank you, Sherwin Williams, for timing your big sales with my crazy). I’ve had a whole bunch of house projects on my to-do list recently, so a guest room redo fits in nicely on the list.

And I’ve considered finally doing a sage cleansing of the house, something I’ve toyed with ever since we lost Sam & Emilie. Although I cringed with embarrassment just typing that last sentence. I’ve had trouble, though, finding good information on doing one that isn’t written by someone named Dragonsong (no, really). But if hippie witchy shit would help me get rid of the bad vibe, I’m willing to try. I’m still firmly ensconced in my agnostic ways, I promise I won’t start yammering about crystals or weaving dreamcatchers or anything. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! No judging! All beliefs are valid, kumbaya, etc.)

Wow, so what was supposed to be a “we’ve said our good-byes, it was hard, we’re trying to get back to normal, thanks so much for all the kind words and thoughts and prayers” post got tooooooottttttallllly derailed there, didn’t it. Chalk it up to the scatterbrained mind I’ve had this week. Andy and I really do thank all of you for the kind words and thoughts and prayers. The internet is an amazing thing; we were able to feel the support of so many even without their physical presence. It’s really helped us get through a tough couple of weeks, and you all are very much appreciated.

Jul 302012

On Friday afternoon, the kids and I ran a few errands, to the library and then to Target to start buying school supplies. (Yes, SCHOOL SUPPLIES. For KINDERGARTEN OMG.) As we parked at Target, we could see dark clouds a little to the west, with streaky lines of rain. It was a cool sight, so Henry, Eleanor and I loitered in the parking lot for a few minutes to cloud-watch.

As we exited Target, the wet parking lot signaled a shower had come through while we were shopping. We drove the few miles back to our house. As I got close to our street, I started seeing leaves strewn everywhere. Hmmm, that’s weird, I thought.

We pulled onto our strangely foggy street. Hmmm, since when does a little rain make it look like the Thriller video? I thought.

We got home to a driveway that had turned green with leaves.

It was obvious we had had a storm, but I still didn’t quite understand until I saw it.


Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a straight-up hailstorm, with piles of hail still stacked everywhere and melting. And while we missed the storm itself, the aftermath was pretty WHOA.

Our neighbor’s yard had a spot under a gutter that looked like somebody dumped out their cooler.

Not sure how long these had been melting (at least 20+ minutes) but they were the largest hailstones I’ve ever seen. I guess marble- and quarter-sized hail is an actual thing instead of just something that gets mentioned on the news. And how do meteorologists pick the size comparisons, anyway? Why not grape-sized hail, for example?

And the LEAVES. All over the street, the driveway, on the branches felled in my yard, and stuck in bits and pieces all the way up my house.

Leaves from the trees in my front yard covered the deck in my back yard.

Once we got over the surprise, we did the only thing one can do when it’s been a miserably hot 100°-most-days summer and you come home to a yard full of ice. We played in it.

Henry and Eleanor loved running through the fog while shouting about their cold feet.

And, of course, ice fight.

Henry yelled “taaaaaaaaake THAT!” every time he advanced to throw a handful of hail.

The strangest thing about this strange afternoon was that it seemed to be concentrated just on our little street. A neighbor passing by remarked that she had been driving the area and our street was the only one to look like it did.

Buying school supplies, then coming home to a yard full of hail and downed greenery? I think we can draw only one conclusion from this. Mother Nature is just as freaked out about Henry and Eleanor starting kindergarten as I am. I mean, that’s gotta be it, right? So please quit growing so fast, kids. THE EARTH DEMANDS IT.