Feb 012013

Oh, January, you started off so well. We were still full of warm fuzzy feelings after a great Christmas. Justin Timberlake released new music. Airfare was booked for an impromptu trip to visit my sister in Portland.

And then the germpocalypse hit.

Henry and Eleanor’s kindergarten class started dropping like flies. For a few days, seven of the class of twelve were out sick. Poor Henry missed an entire week of school. Late that week I took him to immediate care, just to make sure his continuing low-grade fever and coughing hadn’t morphed into something requiring drugs. I should probably get checked out, too, I thought, since I had started running a fever the previous evening.

Yeah, tested positive for Type A flu. Guess who hadn’t had her flu shot thanks to an autumn full of family deaths and her primary care doctor leaving the practice?

DUDE. I have a sky-high pain tolerance, for example, walking around all la-di-dah for a weekend with what turned out to be internal bleeding, and the flu straight-up made me CRY. Multiple times. When the flu hit Downton Abbey I watched Cora all tossing and turning and thought, really? are we sure the flu is really like that? Yes. Yes it is. Except you probably won’t be in an estate surrounded by ladies maids, you’ll be in a recliner wrapped in a Snuggie. I hurt so bad all over, and stopped taking my temperature when I hit 102.8, and that was the sickest I’ve been in my adult life, and I’m never ever EVER skipping my flu shot ever again. (Save me your stories of how the only time you’ve been sick was when you had the flu shot, or you never get one and you’re fine. I’ve probably already seen your comments on Facebook about it and I don’t care. It just means I won’t have to knock you over trying to rush to the front of the flu-shot line next fall.)

So that was a fun entire week of feeling miserable. Then I hopped on a plane and visited my sister for a whirlwind long weekend in Portland.

And arrived home just in time for a stomach bug. Eleanor was up in the middle of the night Tuesday night with stomach issues, and proceeded to miss two days of school this week. I was up in the middle of the night Wednesday night with stomach issues, and Andy’s middle-of-the-night turn was last night. We’re all nibbling on saltines and peanut butter, and lamenting the Pacers floor seats we had to give up Wednesday night and the fun “let’s go eat tapas” date we had planned last night.

But thankfully January’s over, here’s to a healthier February. Now to just figure out if tanker trucks full of Lysol are available to individual consumers, or if it’s easier to just take a blowtorch to my house and start over.

Things I Will Never Understand

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Nov 152012

the appeal of any Twilight-related anything

how my children’s socks can disappear the minute they are taken off of feet

the second wind I get around 9:00 or 10:00 pm every time I want to go to bed early

my Snuggie love

my husband’s dislike of powdered sugar

how to correctly pronounce the word “adirondack”

Taylor Swift’s fame

how I never had my kids try edamame until today

why I always think committing to NaBloPoMo is good idea


Sep 152012

So, you never expect to start your week with your father-in-law keeling over in your guest bedroom, but here we are.

After a cardiac arrest on Sunday morning, Bob passed away Thursday afternoon. It’s been a crazy, horrible, surreal week of anxious waiting at hospital bedsides, making sure we have enough cereal and clean laundry, nervously anticipating EEG results, shuttling the kids to school and swimming and gymnastics. There’s plenty to be thankful for: that it happened here instead of on the road, that we live ten minutes from a heart hospital, that Andy’s brother and sister could get here quickly, that Bob could pass without being aware, surrounded by his family. But that doesn’t make it any easier to see my mother-in-law without her husband of 53 years, my husband without his father, my kids without a grandfather.

We head up to the lake this weekend to say our good-byes. If you’re the type to send prayers and good thoughts to others, we’d appreciate them.

And if I have any angels reading this (heaven had better have the internet, or I’m not going): that new guy who showed up, you know, the one in the top hat, pince-nez and bathrobe, who’s carrying around his banjo? He’s ours. Take good care of him, please.

May 022012

We’ve had quite the run of rainy weather lately. Yesterday’s downpour (and downpour and downpour) left our ditch flooded. Judging by the kids’ reaction to it, you’d think I took them to the Mediterranean instead of the front yard.

Mar 132012

So I know the official start isn’t until a week from today, but YAY SPRING! YAAAAAAAAAAY!










Mar 122012

Most families document their children’s milestones. And we do, too—we’ve got videos of Henry and Eleanor rolling over, trying solid foods for the first time, even moving up diaper sizes.

Because Andy and I embrace our nerdiness, watching Star Wars with the kids was a milestone pretty much on par with first steps. Seriously, people, five years ago I created a video in iMovie complete with scrolling titles just to show off the Luke/Leia onesies a friend gave them (thanks, Jeremy!). Needless to say, Andy and I have been waiting for this day for a long time.

Henry is currently Star Wars obsessed, so we’ve been discussing when to let him watch the movie. We went back and forth—he’s a little sensitive, and we didn’t want to scare him. I even asked Facebook to weigh in (shameless plug: go like me!), and we received enough responses to make us feel comfortable to finally open the Star Wars floodgates.

On Saturday afternoon, we popped popcorn and headed down to the den for the big first screening. Henry, as expected, was enthralled, asking halfway through if we could watch ALL the Star Wars movies that day. Eleanor declared her boredom a time or two, but despite that she was pretty transfixed herself. I took my nerdiness to a whole new level when I teared up at Henry’s face when the opening credits appeared.

And who is dorky enough to film their kids watching Star Wars for the first time? This mom, thrilled to pass a childhood love on to her children. I had myself a big ol’ “OMG we wanted children so bad and look we had them and they’re here and they love Star Wars and we get to pass this along to them aren’t we so lucky” moment, and it was AWESOME.

Feb 102012

You probably heard that Indy hosted a little football game last weekend. Since I’m all about events in the Flashy, Shiny & Involving Celebrities category, I made sure we took part in the festivities. Not even the fact that the ENTIRE family was germ-filled all of last week (ear infections! bronchitis! even the DOG is on antibiotics!) kept us away from the fun.

You’re right, I DO think football is stupid and usually can’t tell you who’s even playing in the Super Bowl. But what I discovered this month is that the game is actually the least important aspect of the Super Bowl. No, really. It’s actually all about the parties and spectacles. In a word, it was AWESOME.

The weekend before the game, we took the kids downtown to check out the Super Bowl Village and to visit the NFL Experience. The roman numerals and Indy cars parked next to Monument Circle were a big hit. Henry and Eleanor were enthralled with the zipliners overhead near the convention center. The crowds milling around were a prelude to the crowds at the Experience. Fun to people watch, a little less fun to stand in line 20 minutes to kick a field goal (that was in the kids’ section, lines looked at least twice as long for the main attractions). Crowds aside, we had enough fun to come home and book a babysitter for the following weekend so Andy and I could take in the sights kid-free.

(You have NO IDEA how badly I wanted to hop onto that draft stage and reenact the Racial Draft Chappelle’s Show skit)

Last Friday, Andy and I headed back downtown for more people-watching with a side of walking-around-outdoors-drinking-beer. Fun light displays on buildings, fun fireworks, fun concert (LMFAO) that we didn’t see because of the crowds near the stage, fun times wondering who was riding in the bajillion tinted-window black SUVs circling downtown, fun atmosphere. Andy gave a very apt description: “It’s like Mardi Gras without the tits.”

At that point Andy and I might have become a tad Super Bowl obsessed, so we took the kids back downtown Sunday morning for an impromptu one last visit. Henry and Eleanor (especially Henry) had a blast tackling each other on the football field in front of the convention center. We wandered around to the ESPN studio so that Andy could get a chance to watch them film. It was there we had our token Super Bowl Celebrity Sighting. We first saw Chris Whathisname, who I always call Al Michaels in my head, and former NFL star and current hottie Steve Young. We knew Adam Sandler was due to be on their show, and out of nowhere he suddenly appeared. I even got to shake his hand, while Eleanor shouted “WHAT’S A MOVIE STAR?” as Andy tried to explain who he was. We had lunch at Steak n Shake surrounded by wealthy-looking New Yorkers, went back to the field for more tackling, discovered the crowds were starting to pick up, and headed home after one last look at the XLVI.

We’ve lived here for almost ten years now, but most days this Illinois girl doesn’t feel like a Hoosier. So it was weird to feel so proud of Indy last week, but that’s what I was—PROUD. I loved seeing our city favorably discussed in the national (even worldwide) media, watching 200,000 people party under fireworks and Homeland Security helicopters, and how Big City our dressed-up downtown looked. I’ve grown to love it here, and I’m glad the world came to visit and agreed with me.